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We here at P.T. Work Crew understand the importance of finding the perfect candidate with the right qualifications and work experience for each particular situation. We perform an extremely thorough and efficient selection process to ensure that only the very best candidates are presented to our clients. The process is detailed below and yields candidates with the right fit, so that our clients can suitably execute their strategy in accordance with project timelines.

Selection Process: Text


1) Resumes are obtained from a variety of sources that include our own extensive database, internet job boards, job fairs, employee referrals, and direct recruitment.

2) Potential applicants are screened via telephone, in order to confirm their relevant skills, experience, and availability.

3) Applicants have interviewed in-person at our office and are required to sign off on their understanding and agreement to client confidentiality, criminal background checks (if considered to be a bona fide occupational requirement), health & safety, ethics, sexual harassment, and human rights policies, as a condition of their employment contract with P.T. Work Crew. Once completed, the interview process is broken up into 4 separate stages:

Business Meeting
Informative Interview

-Stage 1 – Interview
Our recruiters conduct a chronological review of the applicant’s education and experience.

-Stage 2 – Behavioral-Based Assessment
The applicant participates in a comprehensive behavioral-based interview to determine their personality type, performance standards, work habits, reliability, integrity and fit.

-Stage 3 – Knowledge & Skills Assessment
Applicant participates in a technical interview that includes a demonstration of previous abilities, to determine the degree of their technical aptitude. We also possess assessment capabilities in both Vietnamese & Spanish.

-Stage 4 – Verification of Employment Requirements
Applicant confirms their understanding and agreement regarding the job location and if it is suitable for them, their available start date, hours or shifts that are required to work, if they have suitable transportation for the job and the current pay rate being offered.

4) Applicants are given relevant skill-verification tests, to validate the degree of their technical aptitude, i.e. Windows, MS Office, clerical – reading, writing, sorting – ability to follow instructions, and manual dexterity.

5) References are checked to verify work experience and work performance.

6) Criminal background checks and Government security clearances are performed, where job specifications deem them to be bona fide occupational requirements.

7) We present the contract offer to the candidate for work on a client engagement, who subsequently signs off on their acceptance of the contract terms & conditions.

8) Conduct customized in-house client orientation for new hires if applicable.

Selection Process: Employers
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