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Responsiveness is the key to our growth. We have dedicated team members who are trained, knowledgeable, and fully prepared to assist you in your recruiting needs. We pride ourselves on being able to fill any type of position.
With the state of our current economy, businesses are searching for the most cost-efficient solutions without losing any of the quality during production. By choosing P.T. Work Crew, you will find that our services are not only the most cost-efficient but the most effective. Our dedication is to provide the highest quality assurance and appropriate staffing to suit all your needs so that production is not affected and deadlines are met.


Working Together

Quality services

We are able to quickly provide the best employees for your open positions.  They will be screened and tested to sure they can perform the tasks required for the job. We believe in working closely with our clients, learning their long term visions and long term strategies. These strategic relationships allow us to take full responsibility for both short and long term staffing needs. We pride ourselves on being able to fill any type of position. Our policy of personally visiting every new worksite has earned us an unparalleled reputation for providing placements that work.


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Quality Savings

In this variable business climate, P.T. Work Crew helps you meet the fluctuating workflow requirements while keeping HR and benefit costs low. We also save you time in finding the right people with the right qualifications to suit your business.

Quality associates.

At P.T. Work Crew, we know the unique skills and requirements of each industry and where to locate the best people for the job.  Our comprehensive recruiting, screening and testing program allows us to find the most qualified candidates with the skills needed to fit perfectly into your open position.

Quality timing. 

Because we are constantly recruiting people, we have a database of qualified candidates ready to go to work.


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Grow & Succeed

Fill your temporary requirements with our qualified talent.

-Specialty projects or skills.

-Extra help to meet upcoming deadlines.

-Cover maternity, vacation, and sick leave.

-Meet workflow fluctuations.

-Save on overhead costs

Looking for the perfect addition to your team?  Our best candidates come from referrals.  We make sure that the candidates’ qualifications, and industry experience, will meet your job requirements and company needs.  Feel secure knowing you have

-Time to assure you have the right person for the position.

-Flexibility in adjusting to workflow fluctuations.

Client Services: Why Choose Us
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